Finding Dory Themed Birthday Party

I’m so excited to share with you all a party that I had helped to decorate for my friend’s daughter’s 5th birthday.  The cute birthday girl wanted ‘Finding Dory’ to be the theme of her party. Why not?! It’s such a fun theme to have.

It was a simple kid’s party, celebrated at their home.  The challenge was to decorate the party at it’s best on a low budget; and the challenge was accepted 🙂 Below is a picture of the center table.


The birthday cake arrived late, so I got no pictures with the cake. (Did that just rhyme?). Are you ready to get into the details? Then sit up and  get prepared for a long post, with lots of bubbly photos.


Those are candy favor boxes, which have goldfish, kisses and a few other cholocates. Yummy treats for kids.


I loved all the confetti. I have cut pictures of all characters from Finding Dory and punched out circles of various sizes in different shades of blue.  Did you notice their glass top dining table, which has those clear bubbles? That worked as a fantastic backdrop to sprinkle confetti on.


We wrapped those tiny cute water bottles with water bottle wrappers to match the theme. These party hats are printed and assembled too.


I had hand cut a couple of mirror imaged Dory photos and stuck them together with a fish string and hung it over the chandelier above the dining table.


I have also hung 4 jelly fishes, in the room at random heights, to give that floating illusion.


I have used photo frames that they had in their dining room for completing the backdrop. I have printed out posters and images, cut and framed them. The image in large center frame was a scene that I created with punched out circles, cake toppers, hand cut grass and the Dory cutout.


We placed all party favour bags, over the fire place mantle. We had used only blue and yellow bags to match the theme. That birthday banner too has been printed and assembled. Take a closer peek at the banner below.


Also below is a closer peek at those party favour bags.



The decoration of favour bags was quick and easy. Just print, cut and staple the cake topper and tag together. As simple as that. I really liked those bright orange cake toppers which I had used to decorate multiple elements in the party.


Above are all the cake toppers in various sizes.

Heading over to fun in this party. We have handed over a few Dory colouring pages for kids to color and decorate them.


What is a party with out lovely pictures. To capture all those fun and candid pictures, I have set up a simple photo booth.


I have punched out a lot of blue circles or I’d call them bubbles. and stuck them all around their living room, to carry the theme and set the atmosphere. On one of those corner walls I added more bubbles, Dory and Nemo images to finish the photo wall.


Above are all the fun props for kids to pose with. A few of us too posed with these props on. It was fun!

All the decors used in this party have been printed and assembled from the websites listed below. You too can head over for some yummy printables.

The birthday girl had also helped me while setting up the decors. She loved the entire decor and that paid off all our efforts. Hope you enjoyed this party too.


1st Birthday Invitations – Baby Girl

Look at these lovely pink invitations that I have made, for a cute baby girl’s first birthday party, on an order.


The baby’s mother liked a greeting card that I had made a couple of years ago and chose the same template for her daughter’s birthday invite. A few changes were made to the design and it was completely customized as specified by the mom.


I really was impressed by the care, interest and attention to the detail that the mother actually had for these invitations. I have made a 20 invitations, patiently and carefully, and posted them to the mom.


Each of these cards has a coordinating bright pink envelope, as shown in the picture above. I have signed the back of each card myself (shown below)


Thanks for stopping by.

Milestone Birthday Cards

Following are a couple of masculine birthday greeting cards especially made for conveying hearty 40th birthday wishes to my beloved brother-in-laws. (Yes! Two of my BILs turned 40 the same week).


I have kept the layout really simple. I’ve used circle punches of different sizes to cut out circles from a pattern paper and a coordinating card-stock. I have then die cut numbers 4 and 0. I arranged the circles on a light blue card base and then stuck them to the card using tape runner, glue and foam adhesives to add dimension. I had finished off the card by adding a few rhinestones to add more interest.


Observe the coordinating white envelopes for these cards, which is handmade too. I have punched out a circle from pattern paper, which I have cut into 2 pieces and adhered to the corners of the envelopes to finish them off.

Hope you liked the cards.


Happy Birthday Tall One

I’m sure everyone has that tall guy, who puts you to shame, in your list of loved ones. This card can be gifted to that tallest friend of yours (now you know why the giraffe). I made this card a while ago, which got to surface now. I can’t remember the source of inspiration for this card.

DSCN3776 waterarked

Hope you liked his card. Let me know what you think about this card.

Cool toned card

Hi all. Below is another card that I have missed posting on the blog.

All I had used for making this card is some left over scraps card stock, PTI die cuts for both leaves and colored doilies. I have tied the button with a leftover cord and stuck it on with a sticky dot.


This was a card that I had made for my cousin’s birthday. Let me know what you think about this card.

Thanks for stopping by.


Balloons From Scraps

Hi all. I have made this card a while ago and presented the card on a friend’s birthday. As I was digging through some old pictures I had realized I never posted this card.

All I had used for making this card is some left over scraps of pattern paper, PTI Balloon Bash die and a cord string.


Hope you liked this simple card. Thanks for stopping by.


Bright Floral Backdrop

Hi all. It’s been a long time that I had posted something here. I have an announcement to make – ‘I’m expecting a baby’. Yes !! That kept me tired for the last few months. I was busy planning, preparing check lists and all. So I couldn’t create anything for sometime.However, I got a chance to work on something colourful, creative and challenging for a couple of weeks. We had to plan for a gender neutral baby shower decor and I obviously insisted that the decor be DIY. Today I want to share with you the floral backdrop that I had made for my baby shower.

Below is the whole setting which is about 12 feet wide and 5 feet high.

(Click on the image below to view full size photo)


I knew I wanted a floral back drop which is quite bright in color, since there were several restrictions to not tape anything on the walls at the function hall and only hooks which were already present could be used to hang any decor. Also the main wall had 3 large windows over which inevitably should be part of the backdrop.

How I made itRead More »

Quality Of Life

It has been a while since I came up with a comic strip. My latest Huion 610 pro and a funny, but thinkable, blog on quality of life by my brother-in-law Raghu, have inspired me to come up with this comic. Refer my BIL’s blog – Antharanagam

Readers, please excuse as this comic is written in my mother tongue Telugu.


Hope you enjoyed this little attempt. Thanks for stopping by.

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My favourite artist.

Recently I was recently reminded of Artist Appreciation Month by Patience Brewster, a designer of handmade Christmas ornaments and gifts and so I was prompted to consider who has been my inspiration.  Kristina Werner, or popular as starofmay, is my first inspiration for making greeting cards.

3 years ago, I wanted to make a beautiful handmade card for my husband, which is when I came across Kristina’s channel on youtube. I loved her videos and the way she showed step by step process of making cards, various tools she had used and the perfection with which she finished off a handmade card, have all motivated me. I challenged myself if I can make such cards and implement my ideas with perfection. And that’s how my card making journey had began. I am also inspired by Jennifermcguire, Gayatri Murali, Sanketi, Aga, and the list goes on and on. There were many artists out there; however Kristina Werner has always been on top of my list.

It’s a wonderful world of card making that I was introduced to. I love everything about it. The colours, the variety of papers, wide range of tools, stamps and techniques. It isn’t time-taking when compared to the other form of art that I work on, like sketching, painting and different forms of designing. This is an advantage I have with cardmaking.
Thank you ‘Patience’ for reminding me about the Artist Appreciation month. You are the reason, I have this post up today.
Thanks for stopping by readers.