Hi all. I love the weather here in New Jersey today. Also today is my parents anniversary and they are here with me. The drizzles, fog  and the occasion have set my mood for the day. So here is the card for today. 


Thanks to the electrifying runway picture @ RIC # 36 challenge this week. The colours used on the flower are all obviously influenced by the picture. Also the shape of the flower is sort of triangular, which is again inspired by the triangles on the outfit. I had inked a textured white card stock with red and purple to match the BG in the inspirational picture. Then with baby pink and light purple for the inner petals. I teased the edges of the flower with scissors for effect.

Hope you liked my card. Your opinion about the card matters. Thank you.

This card won me the Fabulos Fashionisita @ RIC challenge# 36 for the week here.


8 thoughts on “Dazzle

  1. Oh my goodness. What a gorgeous card – the colored center just shines! And you achieved the texture perfectly – the coloring of your CS with red and purple, the burlap, the rough edges. Perfection.


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