Birthday blast

Hi all. I am in Texas right now enjoying with my cousin.  Darling daughter Akki, 4 year old, is great fun to be with. We will be heading to Austin in some time and there I’m sure I will have a blast with Pranav, my 5 year old nephew, and my favourite cousin Madhuri. That’s my trip update!
This Monday @ 365 cards we have “Blow Art Background” Challenge which requires you to Create a background for your card using the blow art technique. You can use any type of ink or paint that you want, as long as it is liquid enough to move on the paper by blowing air onto it. Here is the card I made using this simple and fun technique.

I love the effect created, where two colors came together. It’s so brilliant. This card is for my brother’s birthday. Share your mind’blow’ing creations here @ 365 cards and join the fun. 

I’m also submitting this card for the Birthday Card Challenge in the Moxie Fab World. I guess I’m not going to stop with just this card and will be making more cards for the challenge.

Hope you liked the card. Your opinion about the card matters. Thanks for peeking signature


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