CFC 140 – Bright Summer

Hi all. I’m thoroughly enjoying my summer. Right now am in India and its very hot here.So today I’m back with another challenge from CAS-ual Fridays. If you have already guessed, this month’s challenge is about summer.  You gotta make a project using some tan, white and just one other bright colour. Below is my take on the challenge.

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CFC 139 – The Birthday

Hi all. It’s going to be an exciting challenge at CAS-ual Fridays this month. Wondering why? Since, CAS-ual Fridays is celebrating its 4th birthday this month. Yaaaay!!
So this month’s challenge is totally about celebrating Casual Fridays. For this challenge, you must make a birthday themed project using only 4 colours – Orange, Turquoise, Black and White.
Here is my take on the challenge.

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Reference Binder

Hi. Today I’m sharing with you all, another important tutorial which has made my life much easier – ‘REFERENCE BINDER’. This binder was created to address the following main problems.

  • All the paper printouts, tip sheets, sketches and other reference material, which is often used for crafting but not organized.
  • Keep a track of all the growing stash and maintain a reference of the following
    • Stamps
    • Dies
    • Punches

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Easy Colour Swatch Tutorial

Hi all. Colour swatches are a must have for an artist. You do not want to pull out all the stamp pads and keep trying all the shades and tones of a colour, until you find the desired colour for your project. Labels on the stamp pads can be deceiving at times, as the actual ink on paper may actually turn out to be dark or lighter than the label on stamp pad.
One way to get a colour swatch is to download and print those that the manufacturers sell. But again, you do not want to buy all the swatches from all the manufacturers, though you may own only half of all those colours. Also these colour swatches keep getting updated with time.

So I created by own colour swatch to address all the above issues. A simple but very functional cute little swatch.

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