Making A Storyboard

Given the script and product information, by the client, I begin to envision how the video should flow frame by frame.

I then involve in multiple discussions with my client and constantly update storyboard until the client is completely satisfied and happy.

Later I work with assigned animation team to explain and review the video through out development. I make sure that the video length doesn’t exceed the specified duration. I constantly work with the team and help improve output, until the final video is ready and presented.


I deliver storyboards as professional PDF docs with the following explained in detail for each and every frame.

  • Sketch
  • Description
  • Actions
  • Effects
  • Script
  • Time window
  • Props and objects used.

Previous Projects

I have made story boards for videos which are 30 seconds to 4 minutes long. Following are a few videos, for which I have created storyboards.

Mobile apps introduction: Abridged 2 min video

Mobile apps introduction: Complete 3 min video

PSD to HTML explained: No voice over

Show on the Cloud: Completed introduction video.