The Boy on the Boat

I happened to go through sketches of a portrait artist Randy Hann and I fell in love with this sketch of his. I quickly saved the image and got my reference. Now here it is – My version.

Hope you guys enjoyed it. Your opinion about the sketch matters.


Caricatures- My version of my Nephew

I have used the following picture as a reference and came up with the following caricatures in less than 40 minutes on a simple index card. I had used only 2B and 4B pencils for the job.
Pranav (Nephew) however was more interested in the cars I sketched for him, though he blushed. 


I had used prismacolor pencils to complete this sketch. It was done a few months back while I was in India. Thanks to Upender who shared his pencils and the sheet of super of white, which added to my excitement to complete this sketch.

Sketch O’Mania- Oh, I love your eye!

I couldn’t wait to start sketching when I saw the sketch (Reference: A sketch of Ileana hunter). I was so inspired. I was looking for a subject for my next sketch and I found this. I just loved the way the eye was portrayed, as though some one is looking at us through the paper.

It looks so real and I only wondered if I could redo and achieve the photo-realism and this is what I arrived at. Not bad. Using the right tools at appropriate places does make the sketching job easy. How can I not thank Upender who lend me his prisma color pencils to complete the sketch. 

Sketch O’Mania

My Mania for sketching evolved from doodling. I love cartooning and I occasionally paint with water colors and acrylics. However, the black and white cast its magic on me and I am addicted to pencil sketching. All this is self-taught and I feel gifted about it.

This is one of my very beginning experiment with graphite, when I dint know anything about an art eraser, blending stump and any basic sketching equipment. 
Reference: Public search on internet and I don’t remember the artist’s name.
Tools used — Steadler 2H, B, 2B, 4B, 6B, 8B, charcoal sticks and an ordinary pencil eraser.